Huggins Homes

We are a UK based company investing in property to help local communities with their housing needs. Our main focus is with single lets, although we have a keen eye for commercial to residential conversions and houses of multiple occupation (HMO's).

Where can we help you?


We are chartered accountants. We ensure our numbers are best for everyone involved, tenants, landlords and Investors alike. We do our due diligence!

Stress Free

We handle everything for you. Ensuring our homes are maintained to the highest standards, finding the right tenants, property sourcing, buying and more.


We are members of property governing bodies and property networks such as the NRLA which enable up to keep up to date with the latest rules and regulations to ensure we are compliant.


If you are looking to find your next home get in touch! We have a wide network and will be sure to find the perfect home for you.


Whether you are looking to sell or rent your property, get in touch! We will discuss the option best suited to you.


We currently have a live pitch online with the angel investment network. Have a look, or get in touch if you want to find out more about what we have to offer.

About Us

We are a UK based property company, specialising in buying, renovating and renting property. Our aim - to be problem solvers. 

If you are a landlord that needs help renting out your property or wanting to sell, we can help. 

If you are an investor wanting to make your money work harder, we can help. 

If you are a tenant looking for your dream home, we can help. 

Get in touch today!

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